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About Us

Anya Parker James image for About us page on the Fashion site

The brand and our aim.

Anya Parker James is a self named fashion brand, based in Staffordshire.

Anya graduated from De Montfort University in 2018 and always had the goal of breaking the mould and creating her own brand. We hope to prove to young aspiring designers and creatives that it is not always necessary to be in the hustle and bustle of the city, to be successful in this sometimes seemingly stressful industry.

Being surrounded by beautiful countryside is a must to keep creativity flowing at AnyaParkerJames, meaning that moving into the big city doesn’t feel appropriate. In keeping with our love for the beautiful countryside and looking to ensure it stays that way, we have, and will continue to make sure that our suppliers are as local as possible, where we can, supporting small local businesses and producing our items within the UK.

AnyaParkerJames specifically concentrate on creating timeless staple pieces. Here we strive to create a world in which every piece in your wardrobe can be worn together harmoniously. Forget traditional and outdated fashion rules, we encourage you to layer up, creating a more sustainable and seasonally versatile clothing collection.